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This merit scholarship fund is established by friends of the University of Kansas and of Lynn Nelson to support our best and brightest students in the study of history at the University. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead, if we can learn from the past and understand its influence on the future.

Lynn  Nelson

The Scholarship Fund honors the contributions Dr. Lynn Nelson has made to the discipline of history, particularly medieval and Kansas history. In addition to his many publications and projects, he also initiated a number of Internet projects, including creating the second site on the World Wide Web. The fund is intended to recognize and honor the manycontributions of Lynn Nelson by promoting the study and knowledge of history through scholarship grants to students attending KU, who choose to study in this discipline.

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How you can help

You can offer support for the Fund in a variety of ways:

small brown ball  Donations can be made directly to the Nelson History Scholarship Fund. Donations in any amount are welcomed! All donations are tax-deductible.

small brown ball  Corporate Sponsors are encouraged. Corporate Sponsorships allow businesses to demonstrate their continued commitment to our youth, and help make a real difference in these young people's lives.

small brown ball  Bequests to the Fund can be granted through individual wills.

small brown ball  Several life insurance options allow gifts through, for example, the temporary assignment of variable life insurance cash values, as well as beneficiary designations in life policies.

small brown ball  Charitable gift investments.

small brown ball  Pooled income funds can be created.

small brown ball  Real property donations can also be contributed to the Fund.

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small brown ball  Volunteers are needed to power the Fund's Corporate Sponsorship Committee. These individuals serve as a liaison with our corporate sponsors and provide information on sponsorship opportunities.

small brown ball  Qualified individuals are needed to sit on the Fund's Scholarship Committee and help evaluate the applications submitted, verify the qualifications of applicants, and ensure that applicants chosen meet the criteria to be awarded a merit scholarship.

small brown ball  Talented and energetic people are needed on the Fund's Publicity Committee, to ensure that students and families are aware of the scholarship opportunities, and to plan recognition of successful Nelson Scholars.

Contact us!

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How to apply

You can download a copy of the application form as a text file or print the web version of the form:

small brown ball  Download text file.

small brown ball  See the web version of the application form.

Please mail your completed application to:

The Nelson History Scholarship Fund
P. O. Box 324
Lansing, KS 66043

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The Fund's Board

Fund Manager:
Susan Stafford

Fund Sponsors:

Senator Bob Dole, Founding Sponsor

Lorraine Love, Lifetime Sponsor

Mike and Dana Zheng,
Microtech Computers Inc.

Fund Directors:

David Haury,
Kansas State Historical Society

Mary Ann Thompson,
Hays, Kansas Public Library

Nancy Sween,
Manager, Kansas Sights and
Interactive Santa Fe Trail websites

Tom and Carolyn Ward,
Directors, KSGenWeb

Don B. Dale,
Managing Director, Sentio Corporation

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About the Fund

The Fund awards merit-based scholarships for the study of history at the University of Kansas. Established by friends of Lynn Nelson, the Fund seeks to encourage and reward academic achievement by our young people. The scholarships will promote the study of history as we face rapid changes and advancements in the new millennium. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead, if we can learn from the past and understand its influence on the future.

Each year eighty percent of the earnings of the Fund are used to reward high school scholars. A selected scholar, by maintaining a required grade point average, may receive the merit award each year at the University of Kansas for four years. The remainder is left in the Fund to allow continued growth for scholarships in future years.

Initially the award(s) may be small, but will grow in number and amount, and will provide meaning and opportunity to our youth. Visualize for a moment the picture of dozens of our best and brightest Kansas students standing before you and receiving their scholarships for their hard work and academic success!

Watson Library

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The Nelson History Scholarship Fund

You may contact us by email at:
mail address

Contributions may be mailed to:
KU Endowment Fund
(The Nelson History Scholarship Fund)
P. O. Box 928
Lawrence, KS 66044
Please make sure that your contribution is made out to "Nelson Fund Account #995510" to ensure that your contribution is assigned to the Nelson Fund.